Are you ready for Russian? We are!

If you have made up your mind for a convenient trip into space for 20 million dollars, then you will need to go to Moscow, because the Star City (the international training center for astronauts) is situated there. Of course, all instructions are available only in Russian, all devices and buttons in the space ship are labeled in Russian. In our language school we shall properly prepare you for this adventurous journey while you keep your courage and joy.
Russian courses - for every situation or goal
There are certainly many other reasons to learn Russian. Perhaps you have heard of the dynamic character of Russian people and wish to know them better now. Maybe you are a passionate bookworm and want to read the most beautiful and significant works of Russian literature in original? Do you love travelling while Russia is the next destination of your dreams? If you speak Russian, so much the better, you will easily understand many aspects of Russian life and enjoy your journey all the more.

Business ambitions?

Are you a Businessman (-woman) and the Russians your customers? Your Russian business partners will be astonished, your working process will become more efficient, and the friendship with your Russian acquaintances closer. Maybe you are working in catering or in the hotel business? Then, Russians won't be rare customers. Or have you just got some free time and are looking for a challenge that makes fun at the same time? Then learn this beautiful language with us! We will help you make the connection between different worlds and cultures.

Speak Russian fluently in 7 days..?

... sorry, we can't promise you miracles. Russian is difficult. If, however, you are aiming for ambitious and entertaining Russian classes, we will not disappoint you.
Our teaching method for the Russian classes is direct; it requires the Student's active participation and is highly communicative. In addition to grammar we start using dialogues, speech exercises, videos etc. early in the beginner's course in order to encourage the communication from the very first lesson.

In the intermediate and advanced courses, as well as in the conversation lessons, our students read Russian literature and newspapers, watch television, films and cartoons.

Apart from being a beautiful Slavic language, Russian is one of the most widely spoken languages, counting more than 300 million speakers all around the world. Be one of them!