Why "Izbushka"?

Baba Yaga and the Izbushka

In slavic mythology, Izbushka stands for a hut that is placed chicken-like legs. There lives Baba Yaga, a witch who appears in several Russian fairy tales. The legend says that she was once a young woman, living in the woods, whose solitude made her turn mad and use sorcery. The brave young men and even children who, by chance, approach her house are threatened to be baked in her oven and eaten by this Russian witch. Usually she doesn't do that, but gives them plenty of food and uses her sorcery to help them. She provides them with secret knowledge or with one of her magic woolen balls. These gifts presumably help them to resolve all sorts of matters, like finding the right path, enchanting a lover or gaining great strength.
Here, in our Izbushka, we have no witches or evil women from the woods, the only magic we do is with words! We provide you with precious knowledge which will always be at your side on your Russian adventures.
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