Russian classes - course offers in the Izbushka

In the Izbushka you will learn Russian quickly in a nearly playful way, while regularly finding out interesting things about the Russian culture, the country's history and its traditions while making interesting acquaintances. You will feel your step by step progress, that is supported by watching classical and modern Russian films, newspapers and Russian games, rather than dusty old schoolbooks. Regardless of the relaxing atmosphere in our school the teachers will always motivate and support you with an open eye for your strengths and weaknesses, so you can feel your progress with every lesson.
Depending on your preferences you may take Russian private lessons or follow semiprivate or Russian group courses.
If you are planning a journey to Russia in the near future, our so-called Russian backpacker course shall suit you best.
If you have already reached a certain Russian level, the conversation lessons might help you communicate more fluently and will enrich your vocabulary.
When signing up for a course you will be prompted to indicate the days and hours that would suit you best for the course, we will then find you your course colleagues that are also available at this time. This gives you the most freedom while applying for a course.
In addition to our usual courses we also offer purely Cultural events. These events are usually free for all of our students and offer an insight into Russia and its culture beyond the linguistic barrier.